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What is tungsten alloy rod?

Time:2016-08-25 11:12     Author: admin

  What is Tungsten Alloy Rod?Tungsten alloy rod is produced by mixing and pressing tungsten and other metal powders abd sintering them into semi-product bilets,which is worked by rolling or swaging into rod.Tungsten alloy rod can be produced into any lengths as per requirement of customer with a smooth surface at diameters more than 3mm,and dianeter of hollow tube wall is below 3mm.Tungsten alloy rod can be machined into hollow type.Specific lengths and special fabrications can be supplied upon request.Tungsten alloy rod has many advantages,such as high density,high melting point,small volume,excellent hardness,superior wearing resistance,high ultimate tensile strength,high ductility,high temperature resistance,etc.Tungsten alloys are widely used in many industrial sectors.


  Which feilds it will  be used in?Most of the major applications for tungste alloy rod are based on its very high density where it is used to control or distribute weight in some way.Tungsten alloy rod can be machied further.Tungsetn alloy rods also have other usages:vacuum electric parts and it can be used as a means of high temperature sytucture parts.Tungsten alloy rod also for some aports fields,such as darts,billets,golf clubs,etc.

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