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Why take Tungsten Alloy as Fishing Weights

Time:2015-10-15 10:50     Author: HAO Carbide

Why take Tungsten Alloy as Fishing Weights

         Fishing weight is also called fishing jigs and can be used in both the fresh water and salty water. The only difference is the weight used, it is important to be sure that tungsten counterweights will sink fast enough into the water. Generally, try to adopt the lightest jig weight if possible, because 

          the lightest fishing jig permits you to feel the bottom and any cover it contacts. In clear water, lighter weights ranging from1/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce should be combined with light line for more effective and spinning tackle are also necessary. For murky or deep water, it needs for more dense 

        cover and heavier jigs about 3/8 to 5/8 ounce, and can be fished on tackle with heavy line. In the case of the windy day, it's hard to maintain contact with it of fishing to detect strikes, while product will be not the problem if blow a bow in your line and go to have a heavier fishing sinkers.

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