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radiation protection tungsten parts

Time:2015-08-24 22:37     Author: admin

The usage of tungsten heavy alloy in radiation protection is not subject to NRC, EPA, or special OSHA 
regulations, so it has been widely used in nuclear medicine as collimator, isotope container, cancer 
treatment source holder, etc.
X-ray shielding made by tungsten alloy
Radioactive source containers
Gamma radiography tungsten alloy radiation shielding
Tungsten alloy radiation shielding block
Tungsten alloy radiation shielding source holders for oil well logging
Tungsten heavy alloy X-ray collimators
Tungsten alloy PET syringe shield
Shielding in cancer therapy machines
Syringe protection for radioactive injections
Tungsten heavy alloy syringe shielding
Nuclear shielding wall
Tungsten Alloy FDG container
Tungsten heavy alloy inspect welds
Nuclear testing equipment
Radiation shielding barrel
Isotope production, transport, and containment
Large container inspection devices
Oncology Isotopic and accelerator based platforms
Pipe-line inspection Gamma
Defense for nuclear submarines
radiation protecting syringe
Also, There may be something we do not mention here, but we can also produce.
If you have any tungsten alloy sheilding part need to make, just offer a picture and a drawing to us
Our experienceful engineer will help you out of the problem. Even you need only one piece.

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