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Ice fishing tungsten rain drop ice jig

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  ---Ice fishing tungsten rain drop ice jig---


1. There are various types of tungsten fishing sinker  in stock,and we can also produce tungsten sinker according to your drawing or sample.
2. Shape: pyramid sinker, barrel sinker, egg sinker, split-shot sinker, bullet sinkers, bank sinker.
ans some other shape.  we can also produce the design shape for you according to your drawing.

3. Avaialble sizes:

4.Color sheet:

5. Nontoxic.
 Our tungsten sinker made of tungsten alloy, which is friendly to environment,and non-poisonous. And tungsten sinker are no harm to any marine life nor people.

6. The  tungsten fishing sinker got a stable property--- resistant to corrosion, resistant to rust, Which ensure a longer service life of tungsten sinker

An ideal material for a fishing sinker is environmentally acceptable, cheap and dense.In ancient times as well as sometimes today, fishing sinkers consisted lead. However,lead is known to cause lead poisoning and enter the environment as a result of the inevitable occasional loss of fishing sinkers during routine fishing.Thus, most lead-based fishing sinkers have been outlawed in the United Kingdom, Canada, and some states in the United States. Lead based fishing sinkers are banned in all of US and Canadian National Parks. 
Now, Say "No" to poisoning sinker!!!

we all know, Density is desirable as weights must be as small as possible, in order to minimize visual cues which could drive fish away from a fishing operation. tungsten tungalloy has a density of 14.5-19g/cm3. while the lead is only 11.3g/cm3.that say, in a same size, the tungalloy or tungsten sinker is much heavier than the lead sinker. Actually feel what you have been missing! Smaller, dense tungsten is super sensitive, allowing you to detect more strikes and catchs more fish while greatly reducing hang ups! Special "seal coat" painting resist chips and scretches.
largemouth bass fisherman,  tungsten fishing sinker
Although several times costlier than lead, tungsten is just under twice as dense as lead and thus found desirable!


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