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Customer case: 2.0-2.2mm tungsten alloy ball

Time:2015-10-28 17:05     Author: HAO Carbide

At the begin of June,2014. We got an inquiring about tungsten alloy seems not that special at beginning.

but as talking further, we understand that Ron need a this tiny small tungsten alloy spheres as shooting
shot for hunting turkeys.

He need  tungsten alloy balls diameter in 2.0mm to tungsten alloy ball blank with dimeter 2.2mm.
as the alloy shot are using as hunting bullet. the density must sctrictly conrol in 18g/cc.
and the diameter of the tungsten alloy ball can not be bigger than 2.2mm.

acctually the metal Lead can also make the heavy density products. But as we all know, the Lead is very harm to
people's health. it cause a lot of disease.However, the tungsten alloy is very steadable alloy. it not rust, and not harm for health.
it is really a very good material for shooting!

Our main engineer are working on tungsten for almost 18 years.
So this request about tungsten alloy density 18g/cc, is not even being a problem for us.
Our engineer calculate and make some few test. then make a clear composition of tungsten, and Nickle and iron.
95% hearvy tungsten alloy are meet the request.

The other problem is how to control the produce cost, so that we can meet the target price of Ron.
Ron is working for the goverment. this tungsten alloy balls or we called hevery tungsten alloy shot just for his
spare-time hobby.    He do not have a lots budget on this tungsten bullets.

We make a decide to solve it. 
Do not grind the tungsten alloy shot into a very round tungsten alloy ball.
that to say, we do not need to cost on grinding. this save us a lots of time and cost.
and the ungrinding tungsten alloy balls, which is called tungsten alloy ball blank.
is also a sphere shape. this tungsten alloy sphere is not influents shooting at all!

The final question is how to protect the tiny tungsten alloy sphere during shipping.
it is so small that it hard to keep it not missing. and it also a problem to protect the heavy tungsten ball blank from
wearing each other. So, we make them into a vaccum package. all the problem are solved!

When we send those tungsten alloy shot packing pictures to Ron, he is so happy and speak highly of our quality and service!

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